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AJ “Tyron” Martinez, interdisciplinary internet idiot and gay robot.


You probably found me from one of these:


Short-term: Dr. Robotnik’s Ring Racers is out! I’m divided between rest and putting out post-launch grease fires.

Later: Clearing out my single-player backlog and noodling around with the Dirtywave M8. It might be a while before I post music for its own sake again, but it’s been a pretty fulfilling private hobby. I could use a break from creative work, though, at least a little one…

The future: Moving back in with old friends, finally cracking open Godot, and doing what I’ve always done—falling into special-interest rabbit holes. God I cannot fucking wait to work in a real engine. Maybe I ought to do a mahjong client or something.


Want to talk projects, vidya, or me being wrong on the internet? Email, Pleroma, or Discord (@tyron), in order of preference. Note that I ignore Discord friend requests with no mutual servers on a ~vibes~ basis, so you may want to join HITBOX DIMENSION, “my” weird stream server, especially if you have a question someone else might be able to answer.


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recycle bin

I don't like link rot, so I try not to tear pages down. But I'm also a weird neurotic fuck, and don't like the index being cluttered with things that seem not particularly post-worthy in retrospect—or stuff that's just become irrelevant with the passage of time. Insert mass-manufactured gripe about "patch culture" here.

Also, sometimes I'll probably just get stuff wrong outright, and I want to remove errors without erasing their history. (Rest assured, errors with capital-s Stakes will get retracted in their own posts.) So here's some old stuff for completeness's sake.

Old and defunct posts
TL;DR: Redout
Not Reviews
UMvC3 PC: Day 1