Frequently Asked Questions

by AJ "Tyron" Martinez @

How can I contact you?

Email, my feed on, or the HITBOX DIMENSION Discord.

When do you stream?

Use YouTube notifications or keep an eye on Discord. I am a being of chaos and low-quality commitments.

What equipment do you use?

None of this is an endorsement, do your damn research.

What software do you use?

I capture video and stream using OBS Studio, and edit in Davinci Resolve. For basic VO processing, I use reaplugs and FabFilter Pro-DS.

What’s with your eyes? You look tired.

I was born without eyelid muscles! I’ve had a few corrective surgeries that basically rigged my eyebrows up to my eyelids using a muscle graft: that’s how I open and close my eyes now. You’ll notice the way my eyebrows bob when I blink if you’re paying attention. The workaround isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely better than nothing.

What happened to Elsword?

I don’t play Elsword anymore. It’s an awful game that was doomed from the start by an abusive payment model and the PvE/PvP divide. It stopped being fun, and I stopped playing. If you want to hear me talk about this in a little more depth, try this.

Where’s the Rena folder?


What StepMania theme do you use?

I use a slightly modified version of Til Death, the default theme included with Etterna. Poke around in metrics.ini if you want to modify your combo display and/or hit position like mine.

What StepMania noteskin do you use?

I use DivideByZero, the default noteskin included with Etterna.

Where do you get your StepMania packs?

Here, courtesy of the FFR forums.