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hi here’s rules


Assume good faith when dealing with other people. If someone is being so inflammatory that you can't do that, bring it to moderators. Do not engage them and start a shitfest.

1: No slurs or hate speech

This includes “trap”, “retard”, “[x]fag”, all of that. A public server is mixed company, and not everyone’s operating in the same context. Be considerate and avoid langauge that’s likely to cause problems.

2: No overtly sexual or disturbing content

Spoiler-tag stuff that has a good chance of being gross or upsetting to your average person. Contentious content can be posted in #real-talk for serious discussion; spoiler tags aren’t required there, but feel free to make use of them if you don’t think they’ll interrupt the flow of conversation.

No porn, gore, or shock images, obviously. For borderline content, where you think it’s okay but others don’t, talk it over (calmly and with respect) or just delete it anyway. Seriously, titties aren’t that important and I don’t want to start measuring skirt lengths. Just be courteous.

3: Don’t be disruptive

Don’t spam, post inflammatory garbage, repeatedly recenter conversation around yourself, or spread single thoughts over twenty one-word messages. If you’re pinging a single person and there’s no specific channel to do it in, put it in #shitposting or just use a DM.

#real-talk is provided for serious conversation and emotional support, but this server is not a crisis hotline. Do not use randoms on the Internet as a substitute for law enforcement, psychiatric treatment, or legal counsel—we’re probably bad at it and you’re not paying us.

4: No unmarked spoilers for recent releases

Use your best judgement on “has it been long enough since release”, it depends on context—but when in doubt, it’s easy to tag something. High-profile releases may get a spoiler containment channel so people can speak freely.

Box art, official trailers, and opening-act plot details are not spoilers.

5: Use the right channels

Text: Read channel topics. If conversation shifts topics, you don’t need to switch channels, but if it’s a long conversation or there’s lots of crosstalk, you probably should.

Voice: Voice is mostly used here for events and premade games; the Lounge channel can be used for idling and general chitchat, but if another voice channel is being used for a specific purpose, don’t crash it. Moonbase is a contingency channel for unbelievably shitty connections and has no set purpose.

6: Please fucking follow Discord TOS

I am required to list this somewhere so I don’t get banned for pinning MEGA links to arcade rips.

These rules are not a legal contract; they’re guidelines for your benefit. Loopholes and omissions are not excuses to be a shithead.

If you’re concerned that someone is violating the rules or otherwise sabotaging the Positive Chat Experience™, you can ping staff publicly or contact them in private. All my mods are bored shitposters, they don’t bite.

Thanks for reading, or if you skipped to the bottom for a TL;DR, go fuck yourself. Enjoy the HITBOX DIMENSION.