Power Berserker Scratchpad

by AJ "Tyron" Martinez @ worldsbe.st • April 1 2024

Hey. I’m in the process of helping a good friend set up Power Berserker, so while it’s on my mind, here’s most of what I know about my favorite profession in Guild Wars 2.

If you’re looking for a straightforward build guide, this is the wrong place: this thing is more of a Build-A-Bear Workshop1 approach to the profession, and assumes that you have some preferences about your personal version of the power fantasy, rather than defaulting to a premade build.

Why pZerker?

Vanilla Warrior is GW2’s version of the “weapon master” fantasy, and that’s cool. But if you want something rougher around the edges, that something is Power Berserker.

It’s fast, pissed-off, unrestrained, and can tackle almost all content in the game—including other players—with the same core playstyle principles.







Berserker Traits

Supplementary Traits


Note that Pinnacle of Strength gives flat critical chance, making it even easier to reach crit cap. Reckless Dodge also gives you a weird way to remove Blind—just roll into them!





unseal the meme

However, Burst Precision allows you to achieve 100% crit chance on any stat combination, as long as you can Primal Burst frequently enough. Combine this with Discipline’s Axe Mastery, and the results can be pretty funny—unlimited Decapitates, even on Minstrel gear!

If you wanna be a super janky Vulnerability provider (through Sundering Burst) in addition to Quickness and Fury, give it a shot; you give up a lot of boons from Tactics, but as an offensive support it’s at least pretty funny.

Utility Skills


Do I seriously just press everything off cooldown?

mostly yea

“When do I Primal Burst?”


“When do I Blood Reckoning?”

Immediately after using a Primal Burst, if it’s available.

“When do I Outrage?”

Ideally, on cooldown, using every other Outrage to stun-break out of Head Butt. In practice, these are likely to drift somewhat; if you’re playing a variant that can easily generate Stability, through traits like Brave Stride (Strength) or Stalwart Strength (Defense), you can probably just bash Outrage on CD and not worry about anything. You’re durable, being stunned in an enemy’s face genuinely isn’t the worst outcome.

“When do I use other Rage skills?”

On cooldown, unless you need to hold Wild Blow for CC, or hold Sundering Leap or Shattering Blow for blocking a specific attack.

“When do I weapon switch?”

When you have more useful things to do on your stowed weapon than your wielded weapon. Generally, this means you’ll switch weapons immediately after a Primal Burst, when you have few cooldowns left.

If you’re under pressure from a tough opponent, you’ll sometimes switch early if you need to activate a Sigil of Cleansing or Sigil of Energy, or quickly need to clear a condition through Brawler’s Recovery (Discipline). Same goes for defensive skills, like Shield 5, Greatsword 3, and the like; staying alive takes priority over damage!

“Okay, but I’m playing Axe/Axe. When do I weapon switch? Why do I weapon switch?”

To get the most value out of Blood Reckoning. This is why the raid build uses Greatsword: in your brief downtime where all your Axe skills are down, instead of auto-attacking, you swap to Greatsword, Arc Divider twice, and swap back once all your Axe skills are good to go.

“Do I hold Hammer 5 until I can refresh Hammer 2?”


Further Resources

Most places that document raid builds also have some information on optimal single-target rotations. These assume full boon uptime, including quickness and alacrity, and a very specific set of max-damage traits—but you can usually pick up some vague ideas of skill priorities for general play or recovery, even if one isn’t outright listed. For instance, the “Axe Loop” listed on that page consistently uses combinations of 4>3, 2>3, and Headbutt/Outrage to build the adrenaline required for Decapitate; even if the timings for the rest don’t work out exactly, you can still steal that piece of the rotation and apply it whenever your skills are up.

The Discretize gear optimizer can help you find crit breakpoints and whatnot if you’re running weird gear combinations. Most people don’t need to worry about this.

  1. Build-A-Berserker? ↩︎

  2. If you do want to try Celestial, or any other expensive armor combination, dodge the Trading Post and pick them up in WvW! ↩︎