The Typing of the Dead (PC) Passwords

by AJ "Tyron" Martinez @ • September 19 2020

Short post that is likely useless to everyone, but I spent 5 minutes scrolling through a hex dump for this shit.

The PC version of Typing of the Dead has secret passwords, one of which it gives you for finishing the playable credits…except that the password it gave me didn’t work.

Here are some codes that did work:

I had already unlocked some of the things these codes unlock, and a few of them are duplicates, but punching these in will likely unlock everything that can be unlocked. If these codes don’t work, the ones posted literally everywhere else online will probably work for you.

My game (acquired from came with UK keyboard layout enabled by default, and some cursory searching suggests that this means it was a dump of the physical UK/EU(?) release, which apparently has different codes. However, I set my keyboard layout to US before beginning, which replaces a lot of in-game assets (in particular the touch-typing tutorial), and I think this caused it to display a code for the wrong version of the game. If anyone has any further ideas, email me.

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